Dr. Carlo Velten
CEO & Senior Analyst, Crisp Research

Dr. Carlo Velten, Crisp Research

Dr. Carlo Velten is founding partner and CEO of IT-research and advisory firm Crisp Research.

As senior analyst Carlo oversees the research and advisory initiatives at Crisp Research.

Carlo is a seasoned industry expert with over 15 years of working experience as IT analyst.

He helped numerous leading companies to transform their enterprise IT-platforms into agile cloud-based environments.

He also advises large tech vendors regarding strategy, business model transformation and marketing excellence.

Before starting Crisp Research he was senior advisor and board member at European IT research firm Experton Group where he co-lead the „Cloud Computing & Innovation Practice“.

Prior to that he was the senior analyst at German research firm TechConsult.

Carlo is a well-known speaker and moderator at industry events and contributing editor at Computerwoche and CIO magazine.

He is a judging panel member for the “Digital Leader Award” of IDG and long-term research partner of tech association BITKOM.

Carlo holds a M.Sc. and PhD. in venture capital. He was research fellow at San José State University, CA. and partner at transatlantic venture firm GENES Ventures.

Carlo serves as board member for the Managerkreis - a well-known think tank of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation based in Berlin.


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