No Data Found! CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena: Conference & Networking on the Digital Transformation of Marketing, Service & Sales

Upcoming: Digital Marketing & Experience Arena 2016

The Digital Marketing & Experience Arena is the new conference area on the marketing technology (r)evolution. The Arena provides a 5-day conference on the digital transformation of marketing, sales, and service - with a variety of exciting keynotes, expert discussions and practice talks.

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Topic 1: Digital Experience

The conference at CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena discusses the latest trends and insights on customer centric and digital experience focussed marketing strategies.

Topic 2: CRM & Marketing Operations

The digital customer demands a paradigm shift in thinking - not just for digital but also for CRM and Marketing Operations. At the CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena experts are reflecting the changes.

Topic 3: Digital Customer Service

Customer services needs to be digital today - reachable on all channels and touchpoints along the customer journey. The conference debates the challenges and success factors for digital service approaches.

Topic 4: E-Mail-Marketing & Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing needs to be disruptiv but still efficient and conversion producing. The automation of digital communications and targeting of personalized content is key of the new automation trends in marketing that are being discussed.

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